Graduate Math Program GRE Requirements and Qualifying Exam Practices

GRE Database

Hello! Are you a prospective student trying to figure out where and how to apply to graduate programs in mathematics in the USA and/or Canada? Are you a faculty member who wants to know how other math programs handle the GRE in their admissions procedures? Click the link to see what requirements there are for more than 200 programs! 

If you would like to amend your program’s requirements or have any questions, please contact the email in the spreadsheet!

Thank you  TPSE Math  for the funding this work!

But wait… THERE’S MORE!

Do you also want to know how qualifying/preliminary/comprehensive exams work in different departments? Whether you are a prospective student trying to figure out which program will best train you, or a department faculty member curious about other practices out there, more than 100 math graduate programs in the US and Canada have filled out the survey about how they check their students’ understanding of mathematics and readiness to move onto research. Fill it out for your program, or check out the database below! (It’s the second page of the same spreadsheet of where the GRE database is!)

We hope this survey and these results will be the basis of a future study to help programs implement the best practices for educating their graduate students.

Special thanks to Tim McEldowney, Jessica Deshler, Justin Lanier, Rick Laugesen, Tom Barr, Abbe Herzig, and Scott Wolpert for their help in creating and advertising the survey!

And as a bonus…

I gave a talk at GAIN 2021 on how to rethink your qualifying exams. You can view the slides here.

Other Education Resources

I no longer have a former teaching page, so this page is home to two resources for students in undergraduate mathematics who are navigating proof based mathematics courses: